Julie has always been frugal.  Maybe it’s a habit she inherited from her parents, who were brought up in wartime Britain so knew what it was like to have to scrimp and save.  But Julie’s knack for combining leftovers into something delicious extends beyond the kitchen.

Last week some guests brought her a bouquet of flowers, and this week the only flowers still alive were three chrysanthemums.  Julie decided to recycle these in a very quick and easy flower arrangement:

First she cut the top off a butternut squash and then hollowed out the bottom (Tom will be having butternut squash soup tonight); then she filled the bottom half with some offcuts of floral foam (soaked); then she arranged the three chrysanthemums at different levels and filled in the rest of the arrangement with ivy and berries from the garden.

The trick with this sort of arrangement is to use an odd number of flowers.


By the way, Tom will be having a blackberry and apple pie for dessert tonight!


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